Bloom Your Life
with EMO Designs.

I2M is a design product manufacturing company that reaches out to the consumers’ heart with its product design, offering a joyful experience.

Our products embody the designers’ philosophy and symbolism with the non-woven material’s special traits and the structural uniqueness of the product design.
We aim to realize the philosophy of “touching our consumers’ heart with a product that are satisfactory in both design and quality”, and we are continuously making efforts to lower the prices while improving the quality and the design value of our products.

Kinetic Lightning – Our form-changing light fixture allows the clients to change the design of the lighting and create a different atmosphere with different amounts of light exposure.

Eco Humidifier – An environmentally-friendly energy saving humidifier that does not use electricity. The degree of humidification changes to match the humidity of its surrounding environment, and by simply putting in water, you can use it in your office, on your desk, and in your bedroom. By adding the aroma oil to the filter, you can spread a refreshing scent around while humidifying the air around you.

Interactive Tumbler – This tumbler interacts with the consumers with the bump in the center of the tumbler that symbolizes a warm, loving heart. The color changes according to the temperature of the liquid it holds – into red, orange, and blue – and through these changes in color, you can feel relaxed and refreshed while enjoying your tea.