I2M Design products awaken the sensitivity of consumers,
and cultivate their live as flower blossom.

I2M is a design manufacturer reaching out to the consumers’ heart
and offering a joyful experience with the design products.
Our products made of non-woven materials and unique structure
embody our vision providing functional well-designed products available to everyone.
After all, we create a happy everyday for many people with reasonable price
as long as with high value and quality of design products.

Kinetic Transformable Lamp 

The transformable lamp allows people to change the lamp shape in 13 steps and create different atmosphere with different amounts of lighting exposure. It has two types, manual version and automatic version that moves automatically by an embedded motor inside and a mobile app.

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Eco Humidifier

Place the humidifier that requires no electricity in the room, desk, and bedside, it allows the moisture to naturally evaporate into the air to relieve dryness. The antibacterial coating which is applied to surface of the humidifier has 99.9% effective efficacy against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and any harmful chemicals. As dropping the aroma oil on the filter, the refresh aroma scent spread out in the room during the humidification process.

Interactive Tumbler 

HEARTEA is an interactive tumbler showing the liquid temperature through 3 colors(Red for more than 75°C, orange for 35-75°C, and blue for less than 35°C) of light from its protruding part. Touched by users, the part lights up 3 colors due to temperature differences.